Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We eat beige

Apparently Thursday will be beige food day. I didn't notice while packing this up how monochromatic it was. At least there are rainbow napkins.
1/2 sunbutter and strawberry jam on Udi's gf bread
Glutino pretzels
Granny Smith dehydrated apple chips
3 squares of organic dark chocolate (in tiny container)

Organic peanut butter bar for snack

We are fighting colds, so I thought I'd give them some dark chocolate to help with throat tickles, and because it's yummy. I'm also going to start doubling up on the vitamin C in the morning. 
Tonight I made a batch of mini pancakes with hemp seeds and chia, and stuck them in the freezer for lunches. I'm thinking about packing them with a dip made with sunbutter and maple syrup, or maybe making little sandwiches with them.

UPDATE: Clean Plate Club! Either I didn't pack enough, or we've get a winning lunch :)

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