Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rainy Tuesday lunch

Left Side:
Organic HappyTot Plus blueberry/apple/purple carrot pouch
Half  Udi's bagel with sunbutter & strawberry preserves

Right Side:
Coconut date roll
Baby carrots
Peanut butter

So, I figured out how to get last night's photo up, but I can't edit it :(. I guess I'm a creature of habit, so used to the way my computer is (was) set up that I feel totally computer illiterate on a pc. Today was a bit different at lunch time since it was pouring when they walked down for recess, and they ended up staying inside. All that extra energy made for an interesting, wiggly lunch. At least it was a gym day, so they got all those wiggles out eventually.
The girl went straight for her pouch first, then tried (and loved) the date roll, then moved on to carrots and pb. She nibbled the bagel, but ran out of time so she saved it for her snack. The boy dove into the date roll first (more thumbs up), then spent so much time on the carrots and pb that he forgot about the pouch. He also only took a bite or two of bagel, then saved it and the pouch for a snack.
At snack time, he only had half of the pouch, then pawned it off onto the girl, who gladly helped him finish it. He couldn't tell me what he didn't like about it, but didn't seem offended by it, so I won't pull the remaining one of that flavor out of the snack drawer.

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