Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunshine and light, it must be Friday!

Yeah, I know. I posted a raving mess of babble two days ago about the insanity of pizza on Friday, and here I am, packing pizza on Friday. There are reasons. I am being beaten into submission by some kind of inflammatory snot monster that's taken up residence in my sinus cavity (appetizing), the boy took almost 3 hours to fall asleep last night and needed me to hang out with him until he was sleeping, and then he woke in a foul mood that I got the brunt of. In spite of all that, I was an awesome mom at school today (with the exception of a less than stellar few moments way too early in the morning). Most of the awesome points were because the kids found dark chocolate in their lunch boxes, but I also got a little credit for making a bright, sunshiny new bulletin board for their hallway. It was a sad brown cork board before I got a hold of it, and now it's full of sunshine and light.

Pizza sticks made with kinckinnik gf crust, daiya cheese, sauce (no cheese for the girl!)
Fresh pineapple
Wellshire turkey ham

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