Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick and Easy Wednesday

Long day, fussy kids. I'm going easy on this one;
Udi's gluten free bagel with sunbutter and strawberry jam
Trail mix
Andean Dream quinoa/coconut cookie

We didn't get a chance for the kids to pick a snack for tomorrow, so I'm going to choose for them and try to remember to ask if they want to switch it out in the morning.Sleep time now :)

UPDATE: I wasn't able to eat lunch with the kids today, and they said they didn't have enough time to finish their food. Interestingly, they both brought their cookie home and had it for an after school snack. The girl also left some of her bagel, and they both left about 1/3 of their trail mix. Since this was a smaller lunch than usual, I'm wondering if the cold we've been fighting is affecting their appetite.

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