Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday with octopi

I'll be so excited to get back onto a mac so that I can post pictures properly. Please don't strain your neck, but the little octopi are so cute!
Friday's lunch got a little fancy, with some fun surprises...
Happy Tots pouch (mango, kale, apple)
Cheesy rice (sushi rice with daiya cheddar melted in) with a half of a Bell & Evans organic turkey dog octopus (the face is made with pieces that I cut out of a sheet of nori)
Half of a sunbutter and strawberry jam sandwich on Rudi's gf multigrain bread
Tiny container with 5 organic gummy bears

Snack is trail mix with peanuts, apricots, dried mango strips, and raisins

The girl isn't too fond of the daiya cheese, but I needed something to help hold the leftover rice together. Usually I make rice balls with just made rice, and it holds together great without any help. I don't know if they would freeze or defrost well, but I may experiment with making a few extra next time to see.

UPDATE: The boy dropped his rice star on the floor, but it worked out fine since the girl wouldn't touch hers and happily gave it to him. The octopi were a huge hit, and everyone at the table thought they were pretty cool. Sunbutter and jelly is going strong and being requested frequently. The boy said the mango/kale/apple sauce pouch was yuck, and doesn't want that kind anymore. The girl liked hers.

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