Saturday, September 29, 2007

fabric, nursing, teeth, and crawling

My hemp fleece came yesterday. It's so soft, I'm excited to get it washed and start using it. I'd love to have a hoodie made from from it, it would be like a big warm hug on a chilly day. I bet it would look great dyed, too. Hmmm, I'll have to look into that.
We all went to the park today. We were trying to go to the Breastfeeding Challenge, but were late and missed the latch on time. Why were we late? Because I had to nurse a baby before we left so that he wouldn't scream in the car. Ironic, no? But, we had fun at the park seeing our friends and meeting some new ones.
Exciting news. We now are a 5 baby-tooth family. There are 2 in one mouth, and 3 in the other. The extra one popped out yesterday after a very cranky week. The scary part is that there are what looks like two more on the way! We also have a real, hands-and-knees crawl!! The boy has been working on it for a couple of days now, and he's starting to get good at it. He'll still collapse into the sea-turtle shuffle, but he's spending more and more time off of his belly.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Someone submitted my website to StumbleUpon and crazyness, I've had as much traffic in the past two days as in the last month. It sucks that I haven't been able to stock items in my HyenaCart store. This weekend is a trial sewing run, though. I'll see if I'm healed enough to be comfortable in an extremely awkward position with my right foot elevated and the left foot operating the sewing machine. It's exciting to think that I may be productive again soon. Stay tuned...

Friday, September 21, 2007

a big load

I spent a chunk of time today uploading photos of fabric to my website. It's a great use of time while my ankle is healing. If someone wants to order a custom outfit, they will be able to choose the fabrics for their order from the gallery. I'll upload any new fabrics that come in, and update them as they sell out. I really like how simple the interface is to use, it will make it very easy to keep the fabric selection up to date.
I'm expecting some fabric to be delivered in the next day or so, some hemp fleece and terry from a coop order. I'm planning to make some mama pads for an arts fair that's coming up in November. Hopefully I'll be selling some clothing and accessories at a friend's booth. That is, if sewing left-footed isn't too difficult to get comfortable with. I've been able to spend more and more time with my ankle not being elevated, so I'm crossing fingers that sewing will be happening soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A new day

No sewing yet, but I did get this photo in my email today. It's an outfit that I made about two months ago for a friend of mine to give as a gift. The model is the recipient. There was also a hat, a huge and floppy sun hat that I call The Cupcake Hat. The photo with the hat being worn is pretty dark and didn't take kindly to Photoshop lightening.
In ankle news, I'm still crutching, and am beginning to feel like I'm going to be like this forever. In reality, it will be another month and a half to two months, which will be difficult but I'll get through it.
The babies and I spent the day at a friend's house today. It was nice and broke the monotony a bit. I think the babies liked the change in scenery, although towards the end they got cranky. Me not walking is hard on them and I think they're ready to have their mobile mama back.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ankle update

I went to the Ankle doc this morning. He said that it looks good, hasn't shifted, should heal fine, and he still doesn't think that I'll need surgery.
He did say that I'll need to keep doing what I've been doing (elevation, boot, no bearing of weight) for at least another month. He'll see me again on the 10th of Oct and then let me know if it's ok to start bearing weight a little (he said that I still won't really be able to walk at that point). Then after a month of that, I'll start physical therapy. According to him, it's at least a 3 month process, sometimes more. So, remember that if you decide to fall in a hole Wink. At least I'm almost off the pain meds. I only took 1 yesterday, and took 1 today before the appointment in case he wanted to poke at my ankle(he did Undecided). I don't think I'll need them anymore unless I bump it or something. I'm thrilled about that, I really don't like that the kids were being exposed to it while nursing.
I'm going a bit stir crazy not being able to sew, but I am coming up with tons of new ideas for when I can. I'm working on a winter bonnet pattern that I think will be really cute.

Monday, September 10, 2007

No Surgery!!

But I do have to wear one of those giant boot things. Mine has a nifty little air-pump like those fancy shoes from the 80's. Only, it doesn't make me jump higher or run faster or reverse the rotation of the earth. It just gives me a little more support when I need to get up and crutch to the bathroom. But it is nifty. I've been in the robo-boot for 5 and a half days now, and I feel like I've been wearing the same sweat sock for about 3 weeks. The problem with that is that I'm not wearing a sock, so I can't take it off. I'm getting much better on the crutches though and I'm relying less and less on the pain meds. There's a light...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Still broken

I was supposed to go to the orthopedic surgeon today to find out what the next step should be with my ankle. I'm guessing surgery, but I'll wait for the expert opinion. Anyway, the doc wasn't in the office today, so my appointment will be tomorrow. All this waiting is so difficult. Plus, the kids are having a hard time with the change of routine.
I have such a great group of friends who are helping me more than I could ever imagine. They are coming over to help with the babies, bringing food, and keeping the house in a state of sanity. Of course you never really plan for these types of things to happen, but it's so comforting to know that if they do, you've got someone watching your back. It really does take a village.
I never thought about it before, but there isn't really a safe way to carry a baby while using crutches. There aren't even unsafe ways to carry twins while using crutches.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

And Slower Still

But not because of the website. Because Pirate Bootie Baby is up and running!!!
There's nothing in the gallery yet, or in the store, but I now have a full-fledged, bona-fide website. What's slowing me down is 15 pounds of plaster wrapped around my right leg. While visiting a friend of mine yesterday, I tripped and put my foot in a small hole while holding one of the kids. As soon as I felt myself falling my first instinct was to protect the baby and in doing so, wrenched my ankle and fractured it. Because of the holiday weekend, I have to wait until Tuesday to see the orthopedic surgeon to see if I need pins or anything. For now I'm in a temporary cast and have to keep it elevated and not put any weight on it. It makes taking care of twins quite difficult. Luckily I have a great group of moms that are going to come help me with the babies until I'm back on my feet. Also my mom and mother-in-law will help when they can get here. Trying to see the positive side, at least it happened on a long weekend so that Scott is home all day.