Monday, September 17, 2012

2-for-1 lunches

Mini protein pancakes with chia and hemp seeds
Spread made with sunbutter, peanut butter, and maple syrup, plus a small popsicle stick for spreading
Trail mix
Andean Dream coconut/quinoa cookie

Snack: another try at fruit and veggie purees. This time it was a Strawberry/kiwi/beet puree from Happy Tots. The girl liked hers a lot, but I forgot to ask the boy how he liked his. It wasn't in his bag, so hopefully it went into him.

This lunch got a big thumbs up from both kids. The boy asked me to put the pancakes and spread on our "make again" list. Neither one ate all of their lunch, but they were eager to finish up the leftovers for snack.

Tuesday's lunch is making me a little nervous. I haven't packed yogurt yet, and I'm not sure that we won't have a yogurt catastrophe upon opening the containers. I'll just have to hope it works.

So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt, Vanilla
1 Tablespoon of Nutiva organic help seeds
A few almonds
Half sunbutter/strawberry jam sandwich on Rudi's GF bread
Container of dried fruit with golden raisins on the bottom layer and cranberries on top
Local honey stick

The plan is to have the kids put the toppings on their yogurt. I'm curious to see how this plays out. They will need help opening the honey stick, but they should be able to figure out the rest on their own.

UPDATE: This was a big win all around. I had to help them quite a bit with the assembly, but once it was put together, it was gone in no time. They both chose to top their yogurt with the hemp seeds and honey, and eat the raisins and cranberries separately. The boy left his almonds, but the girl ate a few of hers. The other kids were pretty curious about the honey sticks.

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