Friday, September 28, 2012


-Baked leftover GF spaghetti (Tinkyada) with turkey ham strips and egg
-In the Sili: Strawberry/banana/coconut milk/cashew smoothie

Check out the clementines!! Today the boy decided on his own to try a piece of clementine. He wasn't able to eat any of the pulp, but he loved chewing the juice out. I call that a win! Notice the tiny container that's in with his pith-free clementine sections? I'm hoping that's where the pulp will go instead of being spit into his lunchbox or chipmunked.
The smoothie is a re-creation of one of the kid's favorites that we order at a local vegan restaurant. We haven't been there in quite a while, and the kids have mentioned wanting to try to make this smoothie at home.

UPDATE: The boy was a huge fan of this lunch, especially the eggy baked noodles. The girl really liked the smoothie, but wasn't into the baked noodles (though I'm not sure she tasted them).
All clementines were eaten!

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