Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a Friday Lunch :)

-Gluten free protein pancakes with hemp seeds and chia
-Sunbutter/peanut butter/honey spread for the pancakes (equal parts peanut and sunbutter, honey to taste)
-Apple/blueberry/carrot pouch for the girl, banana/peach/coconut/plum for the boy
-Organic cranberry fruit strip

Interesting that I've packed something so breakfast-y for lunch just after blogging about wanting to move away from breakfast foods in the morning. It's a product of wanting to use up the last of the frozen pancakes I made last week, not having a list on last week's grocery run (which has caused a pathetic fridge situation), and the kids having trouble falling asleep after a busy day (keeping me upstairs much longer than anticipated).

UPDATE: This went over well. They both like the pancakes and spread, and I love that the boy gets some fine motor practice using the little spreader. Bonus: it seems that he's back to liking the fruit purees!! I'm so glad we didn't loose another food, whew! Now I'm so ready for a weekend of unplanned lunches :)

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