Sunday, September 9, 2012

A New Monday

A new week of lunches, and this time I'm a bit more prepared. I have 5 (sunbutter and strawberry jam on Rudi's gf bread) sandwiches made, halved, and in the freezer, and have mixed up a new jar of organic trail mix for the week.That should cut out some prep time in the evening.
We found some ground cherries at the farmer's market over the weekend, and the girl is quite excited to have them in her lunch tomorrow. I'm guessing that the boy will leave his, but gave him a few anyway. The kids chose an organic fruit & nut bar for snack, but when they saw that there was a new batch of trail mix, asked to put the bar in their lunch so that they could have the trail mix for snack instead. There is also a coconut/quinoa cookie in there, and a HappyTot banana/peach/coconut/plum pouch.

UPDATE: It wasn't a surprise that the ground cherries got left by the boy, but the girl also ignored hers, even though she was the one who asked for them. She also left the peanuts from her trail mix. Strange kids. The boy has decided that he's done with pouches for a while. Darn.

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