Thursday, January 24, 2013


Spiced Chocolate Chia Pudding (⬅ Click for recipe!)

I found this recipe the other day, and have been waiting to make a new batch of coconut milk so that I could try it out. Since the girl has been having trouble eating most proteins lately, I've been looking for creative ways to get some extra into our meals. I didn't calculate the nutritional information for this recipe yet, but between the chia and cashews, it should be a good addition to a meal. I think it's got a great texture, and tastes great! I'm excited to see what the kids think about it tomorrow.
The boy loves it, but it fills him up fast. The girl says she likes it, but will usually only try a small spoonful or two before deciding she's full. The mister and I like it a lot, and I'm thinking about trying another batch and sticking it into the freezer in ice cube trays, then tossing it into the Vitamix. I think it would be perfect for an ice cream-ish treat.

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