Friday, January 11, 2013

Butterflies, Burgers, and Rainbows

-Butterfly sandwich with Rudi's gf bread, peanut butter, strawberry jam (no butterflies were harmed)
-Square container of homemade slow cooker rice pudding (with less sugar than the recipe says)
-Tiny container of raisins
-Bare Fruit organic cinnamon apple chips

-Hilary's Eat Well adzuki bean burger on a gf bun
-Square container of corn chips
-Honest Kids organic apple juice
-Organic apple-strawberry fruit strip

We stumbled across the adzuki bean veggie burger recently, and it quickly became one of the kids' new favorites. The mister and I think they are pretty tasty, too. They contain mostly organic ingredients, no GMOs, and are free many common allergens. There isn't a ton of protein in a serving, but it's a yummy healthy way to add some variety to our menu. They are also really good crumbled on to a salad!

I've never been a fan of dyeing cotton, and have avoided it for many years. I generally prefer working with wool or silk. However, this batch of adorable, teeny tiny shirts has almost changed my mind. They are awaiting the arrival of the newest member of a dear friend's family, and we are all excited to meet him!

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