Sunday, January 13, 2008

WAHM Spotlight- The Enchanted Nursery

Teri, the mom behind The Enchanted Nursery, has a great variety of items in her Hyena Cart and also Yinia and Necessitae. She makes organic playdough in a huge rainbow of colors that I'd love to someday get for the kids to squash around, after they get past the "everything is food" phase that they are currently in. She also has developed a really interesting night diaper called a Night Owl. It's a wool cover and super-absorbent diaper in one trim package. There are 8 total layers of wool in this amazing diaper. If that's not enough absorbency, there is also a snap-in bamboo and cotton soaker. I'd love to try this diaper on my heavy-wetting kidlets. At The Enchanted Nursery you can also find cloth baby wipes, patterns to make your own cloth pads, children's clothing and herbal tea blends. It's a crunchy mama's one-stop shop.
Teri also has a blog, Wearing the Crown.

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