Sunday, January 6, 2008

WAHM Spotlight- The Cloth Canoe

This Canadian mama makes the cutest fitted diapers! She uses all the hot printed fabrics, and also does great things with topstitching. I love this little organic bamboo velour side snapping fitted with little green bikes riding all around the edges. But, my favorite diaper has to be this one...How could I not be in love with it, I look at this fabric whenever I'm sewing or at the computer. I've been using this it to make bunches of herbal sachets for anti-moth wool storage and have a pile of it in front of me right now!
She also makes these adorable sets with a matching diaper, t-shirt, and wipes. She's got a great eye for color, and wonderful taste in fabric. You can see her gallery of past customs and purchase her products at The Cloth Canoe, and check out her Blog here.

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