Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Very Halloween-y

-Organic pear/peach cup
-Sunbutter & strawberry on Rudi's gf bread. Oooh, circle-shaped!
-Peach fruit strip
-Tiny container with one organic vegan chocolate peanut butter cup inside
-Organic carrot/squash/apple pouch

An emphatic Yes! lunch. The boy didn't like the fruit cup, but did try it. He said the juice was good, but the fruit pieces weren't. He ran out of time and didn't eat the veggie/fruit puree, but did have a clementine and a few carrot sticks at snacktime! The girl was thrilled with the fruit cup, but she loves pears, so that's not a surprise. They both thought the sticker that I put on the fruit cup was pretty cool, and wore them on their shirts for the rest of the day.

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