Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spiders, apples, and boxes

-Spider pizza with kinnikinnik gf crust, spaghetti sauce, and daiya cheese. The spider was made with a single, large black olive cut in half for the body, and the other half cut in to 6 (I know! They were tiny :P) pieces for the legs.
-Mini bundt shaped silicone cup filled with Wellshire Turkey sausage pieces and covered with a turkey lid with a nori face.
-Homemade baked apples

The boy was mightily impressed by his Spiderman pizza, but wasn't a fan of the apples. It worked out with empty lunch boxes in the end since the girl happily took his apples, and he ate her leftover pizza (she only wanted half). He ended up having some fresh apple with his dinner, so I think the baked texture was an issue for him.
I packed into these new sandwich boxes that I found. I'd seen some good reviews on the fuel containers, so when they popped up on Zulily, I got a set of four for under $10. So far, they seem like a really convenient size and shape. The lids are attached, so there's nothing to keep track of. They wash easily, and are sturdy enough for the kids. Our little square silicone cups fit quite nicely inside, allowing me to separate dry foods easily.
The sandwich boxes are no longer available, but they still have snack containers that look handy (search keyword: fuel). Full disclosure: If you follow this link and sign up for an account, I'll get credit for the referral.

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