Friday, October 26, 2007

It's been a while...

since my last post. It's been a busy week. There's been a tooth grown, some signs learned, knitting finished, and sickness gotten over. The girl now has 6 teeth. Three on top and three on bottom. But they are off center, the top three are the 2 middle teeth and one on the right, and the bottom ones are middles and left. It's cute. She also just started to do the sign for daddy. She also does the same sign when I ask her to say mama, so for the moment it may mean "parent". She just started doing it yesterday though, so I'll cut her some slack. The knitting that I finished (finally) is a pair of wool soaker pants that I started when I could still nurse and knit, before the kidlets got grabby. At least I planned ahead and made them really big. They fit now, but also have plenty of room to grow. And, this house now has no one sick living in it!
The weekend ahead is also jam-packed full of activity. We're planning on going to the zoo to watch the elephants jump over the fence, I mean, play with pumpkins. The animals are given pumpkins as a special halloween treat every year. I've never gone, but I've been wanting to. We also are picking up some baby gates, and I'm planning to finish some final touches on a few things for my website. I hope my to-do list is all crossed off by Sunday evening!!

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