Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Big Day

It's finally here, the big doctor appointment where I'll learn if I can start sewing again and what the next step (hee hee) is in regards to my treatment. I've been a bit terrified that I'll go in there and he'll say that there's been no progress and that I'll need surgery. I guess that's better than being convinced that he'll tell me to start running, dancing and jumping. Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed and depressed. Updates later...

Well, no walking yet. But, the doc wants me to gradually put a little weight on it, within my comfort level, until I can walk a bit without the crutches. Still no carrying babies though. It will probably be the next appointment (in a month) until I can really walk without the boot or crutches and he stressed that no driving was allowed. I'm supposed to take the boot off sometimes when I'm just sitting around, and after a few weeks he wants me to try walking a little without the boot. I start physical therapy next Monday, and I have absolutely no idea how that is even feasible. I'm supposed to go 3x a week. How that's going to work with no driving and the babies is still to be determined. But, he said that if it doesn't hurt to sit with my leg unelevated, I CAN SEW!!! Now I just have to convince the babies to let me.

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