Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rice Roll Lunch

Sunbutter and jelly sandwich half on Udi's gf bread
Sticky rice rolls with nori / half of a rolled Wellshire turkey ham slice
Glutino pretzels with hummous to dip
Dried apricots and peanuts
Envirokids bar for snack

Off to the side somewhere: a small container of coconut aminos to dip the rice rolls into. It's similar to soy sauce or tamari, but without the wheat or soy.
This is more carby than I'd prefer, but there is a lot of protein, and I'll have fruit for them to snack on before dinner.

UPDATE: Neither kid ate their hummous, but they both tasted it. The boy ate everything else except the apricots, but then he had those for a snack after school. The girl ate everything except 4 rice rolls and the apricots and peanuts, but also finished those off for an after school snack.

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