Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First lunch!

Life has been a blur, and it's been so long since I updated the blog. We've had a lot of changes around here, and one of the big ones is that we aren't going to be homeschooling this year. The kids are super excited to be starting school, and have been having so much fun planning lunches with me. Since allergy friendly lunches can be challenging, I thought I'd share ours here.
We are gluten, dairy, soy, oat, refined sugar, and artificial/chemical free. We recently tested the kids with eggs and are thrilled to have found that they are no longer a problem for them!! They are super excited to be able to eat eggs from our chickens, though the boy won't eat them unless they are in something baked. He has food aversions, and currently has under 20 foods that he'll eat reliably. I still include foods in his lunches that he won't eat, and every once in a while he'll surprise me and try something new.

Our first day of school lunch contains;
Half sunbutter and strawberry jam sandwich on Rudi's gf bread
Toothpick skewers (boy version) rolled Wellshire turkey ham / daiya jack cheese cube / Greek olive
Toothpick skewers (girl version) rolled Wellshire turkey ham / red grape / black olive half
Baby carrots with peanut butter to dip
Golden raisins / dried cranberries
They decided on the Envirokids bar for a snack. We shopped for school snacks last weekend and picked a few fun (but still pretty healthy) snacks for them to choose each day. It helps them be involved in packing their lunch, and I've found that they eat more of the rest of their lunch when they have a small treat. When we run out of the things we bought, I'll be making more snack-y things from scratch. The organic squash and applesauce pouch is for their morning snack. I will also not be buying puree pouches after this batch is gone. I'm going to order a few of the reusable silicone pouches from sili squeeze and making my own fruit and veggie purees. It's one of the only ways to get fresh veggies into the boy, so we do what we can to make sure he's getting some daily.
Now, I just need to figure out what I'm bringing for my lunch, and we'll be set.
Happy first day of school!!

UPDATE: They both are their entire lunch! The boy really surprised me, he not only ate his carrots, but he ate them first and finished them! Carrots are one of the only veggies that he'll eat un-pureed or baked into something, but even then it's rare for him to eat more than two or three baby carrots. His favorite part of this lunch was the sandwich (he's still so thrilled to be able to eat "egg bread"), and the toothpick skewers got a thumbs up from both kids.

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