Thursday, October 20, 2011

Post Office tour

We visited Skip at the main post office this week, and were able to tour the whole mail sorting area. It's huge! We weren't there early enough to see the carriers, but did get to see where they work, and the process of sorting the mail before it even gets to them.

Carrier sorting area
The place is pretty automated, and it was surprising how few people it takes to move a whole city's mail around. The carriers don't have to do too much sorting before they go out on their route, but this particular office does more than most because of the volume of mail that goes through.

These bins are for larger packages
Skip shows us how to scan mail

Click on through to see and

The giant elevator. It can hold 12,000 lbs!!
We went upstairs on the huge freight elevator, and figured out that it could hold the weight of 3 cars, that's a lot of mail.

The FSS (Flat Sequencing System) machine
This machine is enormous! It handles 1,200,000 pieces of mail daily, with only a few people involved. There were 2 workers who made sure that the mail was moving properly and not in danger of jamming, and 2 people who were monitoring the system on computers.

One of only 2 people who run an entire FSS machine
This thing is huge!

These are the people who get the mail ready for the FSS machine

Flat mail that's ready for the FSS machine

Sorted mail

Hi, Mike! He's in charge of the front counter and internal mail

Post office boxes. We got to see them from both sides.

Mailing letters

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