Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apples at Slate Run

 Today we went to Slate Run Living Historical Farm for the apple program. They had apple butter stirring and cider pressing, and we tasted about 10 different varieties of apples. After all the apple tasting, we headed over the bridge to visit the animals. We got to see a pile of piglets napping, some vocal turkeys, cows, horses, chickens, and geese. After a busy day at the farm, we went home to cook our squash and pickle some beets for dinner.
Whenever we go to Slate Run, I'm always impressed by the authenticity, and how much it feels like a step back into the 1880's. There are a few staff members working there, but the majority of the farm is maintained by volunteers. It's a working farm, and they keep it going all year.

 Mild winter, wooly bear?
Pumping water to wash hands
Click on through to see and

Tasting Apples, the Spitzenburg was our favorite, but we also liked the Winter Banana apple

Pressing apples


Ewe nose

Hungry cow

It licked me!!

Grinding corn

The boys push the girl

The girl's turn to push


Roo, checking us out

The apple butter is finished cooking and now must cool
Finally got it!
The kids chose pie pumpkins, and the big'ins chose squash

Our baked squash supper looks like a bundt!

Next Saturday (Oct 22nd, 2-5pm) at Slate Run Park (right next to the farm), will be Fall Fest. There will be lots of activities for kids, plus music, snacks, farm animals, and a tram ride.

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