Monday, September 19, 2011

Why, yes, we did go back to the Audubon Park

We happened to show up just as volunteers were bringing out nets and buckets for kids to search the wetlands for critters.  

Perfect, since H had decided that morning that he was going to be a creature all day. We never did figure out what kind of creature, but it involved paws, and didn't speak, but was an excellent critter finder. 

dragonfly larva
 We didn't get to see any frogs or turtles this time, but saw tons of damselflies mating and laying eggs, and quite a few dragonfly larvae.

We learned that grasshoppers like indeterminate creatures!

and regular kid-like kids too :)

  This guy spent much longer riding J's shoulder than I would have imagined,

 and then decided to take the creature for a spin.

J even bonded with a small mouth bass. She's the one on the right. 
I'm sure we'll be back again soon, there's a geocashe there that I will not let win.

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