Monday, August 15, 2011

For the birds

Last Thursday we explored the Scioto Audubon Center. It was spectacular! The main building has a library with an amazing view of the wetlands and comfy seating, a climbing/exploring area with great bird and wildlife costumes and puppets, a small gift shop, and a few different areas that are set up as hands-on learning stations. My favorite feature of the Center is the skylight that has an X-shaped bar built into it, casting a shadow onto the floor. There are then brass X's inlaid in the floor that correspond with the solstices and equinoxes. The kids spent a good bit of time searching for all the X's, and seeing how much the position of the sun changes throughout the year. We also had a great discussion about permeable and non-permeable surfaces, and how they effect groundwater. It was fun to then go outside and see the materials used in the parking area and walkways. You can really see conservation in action, since the Center was built using green and recycled construction materials.
We then went down to the play area, which includes a huge rock climbing wall, a large playground, and a large shaded picnic area. The kids were really curious about the climbing wall, but were a bit daunted by it. I was surprised that they weren't more interested in trying it out, since they are such monkeys at home, but they were under the impression that it was for adults and "kids that are almost adults". They had a blast in the playground though, and we'll definitely be back for more exploration (and hopefully more pictures).
For more info on the Scioto Audubon Center and some of their events and programs:

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