Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 Yesterday was full of activity, so today things were going to the opposite extreme. Everyone was starting to zone out and stare at screens. I suggested going outside to play, and the kids upped the ante. They wanted to play basketball, but we don't have a hoop. There is lots of cardboard though, so we decided to make our own. It's pretty tricked out, with a ball return, and jingle bells that ring whenever the box is hit or a basket is made. There is some pretty extensive tape and toilet paper roll action on the inside, but overall it's a success. I'm not sure it will last the rest of the week, but it's still going strong after an hour of heavy use, so it is well worth the cost of materials :D. They have come up with an interesting variation of basketball that involves jumping on the mini trampoline and throwing the ball from there. Bedtime should be fast and easy tonight.

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Safta said...

Wow! Boxketball with all the Bells and whistles or in this case toilet paper.
Love it!