Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pirate Bootie Baby is stocking!

Tomorrow at noon, Pirate Bootie Baby will be stocking Underwool and a super-sweet skull-n-bones t-shirt. I also have re-listed the grand opening Lottery. I had to void the first lottery because someone entered it using multiple email addresses, 5 of them!! Seems that she had been winning lots of lottos that way. I wanted my lotto to have a winner who played fair, so I re-listed it.
I also finished a new weighted Waldorf doll for a friend of mine. She sells baby carriers and uses the dolls to to show customers how the carrier will feel with a baby in it. Check out her store, Sprout Soup. Here's the doll...
I'm really happy with the way it came out. It weighs 11 pounds, but it feels heavier. It looks so cute when it's diapered and dressed.


Laura said...

I LOVE your doll!!! Do you have a pattern? How'd you make it?

karmama said...

I pretty much just looked at a few of the free patterns that were available online, and then used them as a starting point to create my own patterns that would better fit my needs. I usually make all my own patterns from scratch, but that was my first time making a doll that needed to be proportioned to look like a baby.