Friday, December 21, 2007

Apple fairies!

This is what came from my head and hands and some of the new fabric from last week. I'm in love!! I also want to make a pair of corduroy bloomers to match, the fabric is already cut and ready to sew. But, the kidlets are working on a couple of stuffy noses, so they are being a bit clingy.
Apparently my Underwool design is getting talked about at Diaperswappers and on the HyenaCart forums. I love that! I'm starting to take custom orders, and am having so much fun working with my customers to make the exact item that that are wanting.

Oh, and by the way...

I've been walking without any assistance for two days!!!
My doc gave me the all clear today, and all I have to do is build up more strength in my lower leg and I'm good to do anything. I'll probably have some residual pain for up to a year, but the break is almost completely knitted together. So, I won the race to walk, but the babies aren't that far behind.

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