Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ankle update

I went to the Ankle doc this morning. He said that it looks good, hasn't shifted, should heal fine, and he still doesn't think that I'll need surgery.
He did say that I'll need to keep doing what I've been doing (elevation, boot, no bearing of weight) for at least another month. He'll see me again on the 10th of Oct and then let me know if it's ok to start bearing weight a little (he said that I still won't really be able to walk at that point). Then after a month of that, I'll start physical therapy. According to him, it's at least a 3 month process, sometimes more. So, remember that if you decide to fall in a hole Wink. At least I'm almost off the pain meds. I only took 1 yesterday, and took 1 today before the appointment in case he wanted to poke at my ankle(he did Undecided). I don't think I'll need them anymore unless I bump it or something. I'm thrilled about that, I really don't like that the kids were being exposed to it while nursing.
I'm going a bit stir crazy not being able to sew, but I am coming up with tons of new ideas for when I can. I'm working on a winter bonnet pattern that I think will be really cute.

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