Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I've hit a slow spot. Everything is set to go just as soon as my website is finished, but it's taking longer than I expected. I don't want to loose momentum while waiting, but I've been so excited to get this going that it's hard to not be disappointed that it's taking so long.
I started working on a really cute pair of overalls tonight and I'm hoping to finish them tomorrow. I've been wanting to use this floral quilt-looking fabric for quite some time, and I think it pairs well with the ticking stripe for the straps and some other details. I'm not sure what the reverse side will be yet, maybe a vintage-looking lavender toile that coordinates with the ticking stripe. How shabby-chic.

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Mom Hanna said...

this slooooow period is an opportunity for a greater high when the web site is complete. I keep clicking on the "X" hoping for something to happen. I'm so excited for you, proud of you and love you so.