Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easy lunchbox lunches

-Fruit sauce
-Boiled egg
-Rice crackers
-Tuna (Wild Planet tuna has BPA-free cans!)

This is the boy's new favorite lunch.

-Wellshire turkey dog on Udi's bun
-Clementine half
-Dates (for the boy), Prunes (for the girl)
-Tiny ketchup

I like packing into the Easy Lunchboxes, at first they seemed to be an awkward shape, but they actually fit our needs well. The one-piece design is convenient, and the kids can open them on their own. My only complaint is that the lid isn't super snug. I wouldn't be able to pack anything wet like applesauce, and cut fruit would leak juice into their bag. I got these from a friend who wasn't using them, but I would probably buy these if I needed to replace our current supply of lunch containers (and didn't want to spring for the Planet Box).

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