Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot Coffee!!

I posted a link on Facebook the other day to a post on a blog called Blissfully Domestic. The post was about the new insulated Kleen Kanteens, which I somehow hadn't known about before then. I love having a mug or cup of coffee with me in the car when I have to go somewhere on the early side of the morning, but haven't found the perfect solution. I had some pretty good travel mugs, but they never fit into my car's cup holder. I also have the Not A Paper Cup, which I love, but it's not quite large enough for morning coffee, and doesn't like to be overfilled or it drips into the cup holder. So I was thrilled to see that Kleen Kanteen is filling yet another hole in my obviously difficult life. I'll be ordering my 20oz insulated bottle from this evening, and will report back with a review just as soon as it arrives.
Do you want one too? is offering a special free shipping coupon! The coupon code is NEWCUST25 will give you free shipping on orders of $25 or more. The code is for new customers only, cannot be combined with other coupons and doesn’t apply to volume or wholesale orders. Offer ends at midnight on 5/23.

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Lisa Sharp said...

Glad you saw my post! You will love the Klean kanteen mug! I love mine so very much!!!