Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yay for Flowergirls!

The current custom order that I'm working on is another flowergirl dress, made with Amy Butler fabrics. It's got a super spinny skirt, matching bloomers, and loads of ruffles. I'm really excited to finish it and I'll definately post some pictures. 
Tomorrow at K&F (at noon) is the 50's stocking. I made a set of mom & me aprons that look like they stepped out of the pages of Life. I love the cherry fabric, I've been letting it age in my stash waiting for the perfect time to use it. The mama apron converts from a full apron to a half apron and has a detachable towel to wipe your hands on.  The little one is a circle skirt done in the same fabric. I figured that would be easier for a little one to put on, rather than having to worry about tying apron strings.

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Holden's Landing said...

Hey Karma - I am tagging you with 7 things meme. The rules are on my blog!