Sunday, May 4, 2008

WAHM Spotlight- Tush Cloth Diapers

I've been searching for a new nighttime cloth diaper for the twins (they keep growing!), and one of the ones that I keep coming back to look at is Tush's Nocturne. They are beautifully made, and I love the dyeing, but they are also a real workhorse diaper. They are one of those diapers that are talked about with high regard and recommendations, and are seriously stalked on HyenaCart both at Tush Cloth Diapers and Venus Vanguard. Robin also has a blog.
Hopefully she'll be stocking again soon!


Soap Nuts said...

Have you ever tried soap nuts for cleaning cloth diapers? I find them to be the best for getting the smells out.

Soap Nuts Laundry said...

I love soap nuts. They are the only detergent that gets the bad smell out of cloth diapers.