Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Looking for comfort?

Recently I blogged about the Blog Party, and mentioned that one of the prizes that I was interested in was an underwear set from Karen Neuburger. I didn't win, but a few days later was contacted by Daisy, one of their PR reps who asked if I was interested in trying and reviewing the set. I was, so she sent a couple of sets out to me (I wasn't sure which size I would need). It's the KN Cool daywear cami and hipster panty. I gave one set to a friend, and have been wearing mine for the past two weeks (not in a row, that would be gross). The fabric is incredibly soft and light. The cami has enough stretch to it that it doesn't loose shape by the end of the day, but still is comfortable and non-restrictive. It's also stretchy enough to nurse in! It's a great underlayer since it wicks and helps regulate body temperature, I also love to wear it to sleep.
Daisy also sent me a few other things to try from their sportswear collection. I was surprised how much I like the embroidered cropped pants. Not my usual style, but the are super comfortable and easy to wear. They are great to wear when playing with the kids, but still look put together enough to run out to the library or the grocery. The only complaint that I had with these, is that the pockets seemed to be a bit bulky to me, but I'm not used to wearing non-woven pants so it may just be me. She also sent the matching 3/4 sleeve zip front jacket which I've only worn for a few minutes since it's been getting so warm here. The short time that I had it on was uneventful but cosy. It will see more use in the fall. Last to talk about are some super sweet and soft baby socks that Daisy sent for the twins. They are as soft as the softest thing you've ever touched, and maybe even a little softer. Like little kitten feet. They are perfect for bedtime, and the kids like to pet them. They are really into socks lately, so anything sock-related makes them happy. When they are happy, so am I.
Thanks, Daisy and Karen Neuburger!

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