Friday, March 21, 2008

A Baby for My Baby

I've been wanting to make a doll for the girl for a while now. I've been sneaking a few stitches in here and there over the past few days so that she wouldn't see it until it was finished, and finally it's done! We gave it to her after dinner tonight and she got a huge grin on her face as she walked over to me and gave me and the doll an enormous hug. She sat on my lap and gave her doll so many kisses that the face was damp. :)
She carried it around a bit, but mostly wanted to sit on my lap and play with her (and kisses, lots of kisses). It took about an hour longer than usual to get her to sleep tonight because she kept stopping nursing to kiss the doll again. It was really cute. The doll even has a tiny diaper that the girl hasn't seen yet. The outfit is made of minkee so it's super soft, and the diaper is hemp fleece and flannel. I have a feeling that she'll be living with us for a really long time.

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Little Flower Designs said...

aw, so sweet! I love the doll the diaper and belly button - perfect!she's one lucky little girl : )