Friday, February 15, 2008

Cleaning, birthday, parents

I know I haven't been updating much. I've been so busy with the kid's birthday coming up, and molar teething insanity. The birthday itself isn't what's eating my time, it's the self-imposed cleaning goal with the deadline of the birthday party. Which is tomorrow!
We're having it early because my parents were able to come for an extra day this weekend due to the holiday. So far, the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are clean. I still need to do the dining room and the kid's room. My sewing area is in the dining room, so I've left that for last. When my folks get here, I'll hand the kids over to them and then tackle the remaining areas. My sewing stuff will just be shifted to another area during the party and then brought back the next day. Then I won't have to worry about kids getting into things.

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